Mastering in general


A finished master will sound as good or better than your original mix.

When you hire me for my services , you are paying me for my experienced ears.

I  will listen to your work objectively, and will make sonic adjustments

to help your tracks  translate to the largest variety of sound systems outside your own systems 

High end / low end home systems

Club systems

public show systems

Media devices , Tv / Radio / store audio
Youtube / soundcloud 

Online music stores 


It is important to understand that a mastering engineer cannot add fidelity that is not already there.

Even with the very best equipment, if your recording or mix has serious quality issues,

there is little that can be done other than compensate for it.

Mastering will make your mixes more of what they already are.

If your mixes are already clear, dynamic and exciting to listen to,

then quality audio mastering will make them even more dynamic and exciting,

helping to enhance their best qualities.


Service is also important, because music mastering is a partnership between the Mastering engineer

and the music producer. It is an important relationship because we will care about the quality

of your finished product every bit as much as you do. Great mastering engineers are perfectionists,

and will stop at nothing to "get it perfect". They are honest with you, and will educate you about the mastering process.

Bearing that in mind, it's important to find a mastering engineer that can accept your feedback and creative input.


Why the Mastering Engineer is Vital 


The mastering engineer is the last in a long chain of professionals

who can creatively change and improve the quality of your music. 

They look at the overall ‘picture’ of the music, and they use lots of different mastering tools

to process and fine-tune what they hear to try to improve what they’re listening to.

We use a room and monitors we know inside out and that will reveal everything that is really happening in the track 

First I listen and relisten and make notes of all the things I can find that needs improvements 

every recording every mix is different just like every voice and every Microphone or preamp give s a different result 

so there is no 1 or not even 1000 presets to fix it , 

Every approach is custom 

as a mastering engineer I am trained to hear all subtle things that are going on

so I know how things should sound so they translate well to all other systems 

How the Mastering Engineer Works

there are a some core jobs in the mastering studio that must be taken care of:

  • Dynamics processing

  • Signal leveling

  • EQ balance

  • Stereo and Mono balance throughout the spectrum

  • Noise reduction

  • Song sequencing album ep 

  • Top and tailing

  • dithering

  • adding requested fx 

  • Output to final medium of choice 


Mastering Tools


Just like modern-day recording studios, we use a combination of hardware and software.

High-quality analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converters

High end cables and acoustic treated rooms for monitoring


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